welcome to the k4nfp.net website! this is my personal website were i plan to publish random articles, projects, old files, really whatever...

owner/operations persons for TandmX, peer to peer VoIP collectors network!

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  • telephones (mainly carrier grade stuffs and switching equipment..)
  • radio (amateur radio, public safety, paging, etc)
  • networking (not much to say abt this)
  • broadcast engineering (i do a little bit of this)

feel free to look around, but don't be suprised if there isn't much to look at yet, this site is far from being finished.

also- until i finish the other pages, here is some basic contact info:
  • email: [email protected]
  • office: 304-451-7080
  • did: 304-451-7081
  • discord: @notifierguy1369
  • insta: @mavericmf